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Professional Life


Dr. Alphonzo Monzo is a Biblical Naturopathic Doctor who views the body as a whole in which all parts are interrelated and should be considered for true health and wellness to be achieved. He has specialized in the field of biophysics, which he has studied for the last 23 years and practiced for the last 18 years. He has over 10,000 hours of experience with Bio Meridian (MSAS). In addition, Dr. Monzo completed a three-year internship with the King Institute, Inc. where he specialized in The King Institute Method® (TKM®) and the study of bio-electromagnetic systems of the body.

In 2019, Dr. Monzo started Health Restoration Technologies, LLC. This company focuses on health research, product development, and Qest4 testing services. Health Restoration Technologies is the "home" of Health Restoration Network, his practitioner training and clinic development project.

He provides ATB® therapies and assessments, nutritional counseling, LifeWave testing and patching, Qest4 testing along advanced frequency imprints, light and LASER therapy, advanced allergy/ sensitivity elimination, sound therapy, the ATB Coherent Restore, emotional and spiritual healing at Well-Being By Design, a ministerial branch of Health Restoration Ministries, a faith based 508c1a ministry.

Since 2000, Alphonzo has continued to write papers, research, and help others understand the subtle energy systems and how they affect health. In the last seven years, he has been giving lectures on Electromagnetic Man: Modern Hazards & Amazing Health Technology which covers basic understanding of the bio-energetic systems of the human body along with modern electronics that can interfere with these systems, such as cell phones, Wi-Fi, power lines, and EMFs. He has been a guest speaker at Mustard Seed’s three health-food stores, as well as a guest on Paul Nison’s Raw Life Health Show, Baal Busters, Kate Dalley Show, Connecting the Dots, Heart of the Tribe, Red Pill Expos, Take on the World Conferences, the documentary “The Way: Leaving Churchianity to Live Like the Savior” and many, many more. He has also given multiple classes and small lectures for the community.


Dr Monzo finished his principle book called Aleph-Tav Body System Restoring the Hebrew Bio-Energetic Temple in 2021, which dives into the deepest energy systems of the body which act as bio-energetic communication systems and are the building blocks of the human body. He is particularly focused on weaponized (engineered) pathogens, nanotechnology, mRNA injections and their impact, cellular health related to copper, and much more!


1997  Vocational Four Cities Educational Compact degree in Electronic Engineering Technology

Academic Award in Technology, two Technology Achievement Awards, National Vocational Award from Technical Honor Society

2003  Grace College and Theological Seminary, degree in Biblical Studies and Christian Ministries

2006  Carnegie Institute of Integrative Medicine & Massotherapy, specialization in Myofascial – Neuromuscular Therapy, Personal Fitness Training and Sports Massage

2008  Christian Leadership University, Master of Divinity

2010  Life Training Institute, dual degree Naturopathic Doctor (N.D.) and a Licensed Professional Naturopathic Minister


  • The Creator God, known as YHWH or Yahweh, is the uncreated originator of all things.

  • The embodiment of the creator is Yeshua/Jesus, also known as the Nazarene.

  • Yeshua is the mediator between God and man, having been crucified, resurrected and now serves as our High Priest

  • The world was founded on wisdom and laws to govern creation and our health is subject to these principles. 

  • The Creator is knowable and His principles are for our good. 

  • Through His Word (Yeshua and the Scriptures) we can walk in the health, freedom and abundant life available to all people. 

  • Everyone is welcome to pursue wholeness, independent of their nationality, religion and personal views.

Principles of Naturopathy

  • The theory of health and disease is based on Nature itself, according to the Creator's design.

  • The body is governed by definite natural laws with regard to the physical, chemical, biological, physiological, and spiritual basis.

  • Ill-health is, therefore, as a result of a departure, from healthful living out of harmony with nature’s laws – all the laws that the Creator put in motion to govern the universe.

  • To the degree that man adheres to and applies nature’s beneficial laws (Biblical and all other laws of creation) the body, through its natural inherent powers, will restore itself to normal. – Blessings or Curses! 

  • Naturopathy is a philosophy, art and science and recognizes the body’s inherent processes of healing, and acts in no way to suppress, antagonize or hinder these vital life forces, but, rather to arouse, assist and cooperate with the body to a restoration to normal. 

  • To this end, naturopathy proceeds as follows; it makes use of healing properties of such natural agencies as air, sunshine, water, light, heat, electricity, manipulations (body adjustments), body massage/energy work, laying on of hands, rest, natural vital foods, organics vitamins and minerals, herbs in conjunction with cleansing and eliminating processes of other physical and mental cultures.

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