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Teachings and Lectures

Browse the wide variety of topics that are addressed across Dr. Monzo's platforms. This page will continue to expand as more material is included over the following weeks. 

The Strange World of Nanotechnology

Originally presented in 2021 at a local conference. This was one of the first presentations on nanotech but it is still incredibly relevant and so much has been built on this original foundation.

BioPhysics of Creation 

A small group presentation from 2019 on the basics of Hebrew, quantum physics and our health. This is a 2 part teaching hosted on the clinic site. 

The Matrix

What does the popular Hollywood movie (stolen from the original creator to corrupt the message) have to do with Biblical prophecy, our cells and copper and iron? You might not believe it, but it's true!

Red Pill 2023

This lecture is titled Iron and Copper: The Greatest Dietary Lie of Our Century and was

presented in Des Moines, Idaho.

Red Pill 2022

Dr. Monzo was asked to present his findings on the pandemic and the covid 19 vaccines. This lecture was presented in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Energy Healing - Truth or Deception?

A much needed conversation between Nitza Moshe of Remnant Remedy and Chelle Wagner from Heart of the Tribe addressing concerns about energy healing amongst Bible believers.

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