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Supplement Questions and Resources

The BEST way to get the nutrients our bodies need is through food... good, nutrient dense, free from harmful ingredients/processing food... like what is available from Azure Standard and your local farms. However, due to modern farming practices, nutrient deficient soil and many other factors, our food just doesn't provide everything we need anymore. Supplementation should be just that - an addition to a healthful diet.

I am working diligently with Azure Standard and other collaborators to bring the best possible supplements to the market. One of the standards that we have committed to is keeping all synthetic or industrial vitamins and minerals out of our line.

The Blog Page has a lot of good information on our AzureWell line, including my partner's article on "Vitamin D". You can discover our full pledge on the Product Standard page. If you purchase from AzureWell, be sure to use my discount code Monzo15.

Many of you would like to know even more about this. One of my peers has done a wonderful job producing educational material that you can access with the link below. It includes a list of common ingredients to look for.

If you would like to order any products from Doctor's Research, contact the clinic at

There are additional resources available on the clinic site as well which you can access here.

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