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Updated: May 16

From podcasts to radio to documentaries, Dr. Monzo is candid about his own journey, his faith and what he believes is critical for optimal wellness!

This page will continue to expand as more material is included over the following weeks. 

The Health Ranger Report with Mike Adams

Dr Monzo, ND and Mike talk EMFs, 5G and their affects on the body's bio-energetic communication systems.

The Kate Dalley Show

Two hour radio interview with Kate Dalley covering the "c-jab", iron, copper and the "agenda". 

Hour 1

Hour 2

The Life Podcast 

Dr. Monzo and Luke Abaffy chat about his particular practices and how he came to the fullness of God's word. 

Ba'al Busters

Daniel Kristos interviews Dr. Monzo on a wide range of topics from demons, iron, nano lifeforms and much more. These guys have a blast together...join in! Additional interviews below.

Heart of the Tribe

Chelle Wagner hosts Dr. Monzo and Dr. Laura Sanger, author of The Roots of the Federal Reserve. Watch them tackle tough topics such as nephilim, ancient history, spiritual warfare and much more!

The Robert Scott Bell Show

The guys first met at the Red Pill Expo in 2021 and here they are together again for a casual conversation covering many of Dr. Monzo's favorite topics.

The Health Ranger Report with Mike Adams

Dr Monzo and Mike compare notes on what is plaguing mankind and agree to partner up to take down glyphosate.

The Dr. Ardis Show

In this podcast episode, Dr. Brian Ardis and Dr. Alfonso Monzo discuss various topics related to poison prevention, natural remedies, and emerging technologies. They touch upon the dangers of poisoning, including the prevalence of prescription drugs and medical errors. The conversation also delves into the potential weaponization of pathogens and the implications of nanotechnology. Additionally, they explore subjects like CRISPR technology, EMF protection, and detoxification methods. Throughout the episode, they emphasize the importance of education, critical thinking, and natural immunity in safeguarding against potential health risks. Dr. Monzo provides his clinic contact information for those seeking further consultations or appointments.

The Millennial Mustard Seed

Rod Smith, for thought-provoking discussions. Striving to understand the world we live in, he pursues the unusual, unexplained or unexplored through the lens of the Bible, with a seekers’ humility. See list of shows below...

1) Millennial Mustard Seed | S5 111. Dr Monzo – Weaponized Nano Pathogens & the Aleph-Tav System on Podbean, check it out!

2) Millennial Mustard Seed | S5 113. Dr Monzo Pt. 2 – The real Matrix & Microcosmic Warfare on Podbean, check it out!

3) Millennial Mustard Seed | S5 118. Dr Monzo Pt. 3 – The Genetically Modified Ones & the Ether on Podbean, check it out!

Fire Theft Radio

See show links below

1) Fire Theft Radio | FTR 142: Nano Technology & Natural Healing With Dr. Monzo on Podbean, check it out!

2) Fire Theft Radio | Nano Technology and Natural Healing Part II on Podbean, check it out!

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